Medical nutrition

Ageing populations and growing concerns for malnutrition creates opportunities within the medical nutrition sector. FrieslandCampina Domo has been producing milk proteins for medical nutrition for the last 20 years. Nutrition, safety and reliability are always important to Domo, but especially so when working with vulnerable consumers within the clinical nutrition industry. Today, we continue to set a precedent for microbiological quality.

With a focus on flavour and mouth feel, our ingredients are ready to use in tube, sip feeds and powder applications. We have a broad portfolio of ingredients to offer, with a protein content ranging from 60% to 95%.

Leading the way for the next generation of medical products, we are working with our customers to develop new concepts to meet the changing demands of the market, such as distribution via retail channels.

Our solutions for medical nutrition: 

milk proteins    caseinates     hydrolysates

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