Milk proteins

Quality of life

Food safety and reliability is always important to us, but especially so when working with the medical nutrition sector. Our ingredients are always of the highest quality with a focus on flavor and mouth feel, ready to use in tube or sip feeds.


With the Refit® milk protein product range we offer milk proteins of high nutritional value, including: milk protein concentrates,  micellar casein isolates and total milk proteins.

Refit® MCI

Our most recent product is Refit® Micellar Casein Isolate (MCI), based on the quality milk supplied by our own farmers. The applied state-of-the art technology comprises ceramic membrane filtration to secure the highest quality product.

The viscosity of medical sip feed applications, using Refit® MCI, remains low. This enables higher protein concentrations in formulations, and again this accommodates a smaller pack volume and increased patient consumption.