Protein hydrolysates

Protein Hydrolysates

Protein hydrolysates are a mixture of peptides and amino acids made by splitting a protein with acid, alkali or enzymes.

The protein hydrolysates from FrieslandCampina Domo are used in a wide number of high quality demanding markets around the globe.

  • Our Hyvital® products contribute to the success of many specialized infant nutrition formula and medical nutrition.
  • Proyield® and Stedygro® hydrolysates are key to the success of microbiological culture media and biopharmaceutical production

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We produce Hyvital® protein hydrolysates specifically designed for infant nutrition. We offer Hyvital ® protein hydrolysates to be used in hypoallergenic and specialized formulas. These hydrolysates are based on whey or casein.

For the hypoallergenic formulas we classify two focus areas:

  • CMA products, intended for formulas for infants suffering from cow’s milk allergy.
  • HA products intended for formulas to reduce the risk of the development of cow’s milk allergy.

Hyvital® Casein Phoshopeptides are offered for both infant and medical nutrition applications.

We offer Hyvital® Wheat Glutamine PN and Hyvital® Wheat Glutamine PN for medical applications.

Proyield® and Stedygro®

For biopharmaceutical cell culture media, Domo produces high-performance Proyield® protein hydrolysates based on non-animal protein. Domo knows best that reliable and consistent protein sources for promoting cell growth and production are vital to manufacturing biopharmaceuticals.

Characteristics of our Proyield® hydrolysates for BioPharma processes include:

  • Ultrafiltered, animal-free
  • Reduced endotoxins
  • No residual protease activity
  • Source of iron, trace minerals, amino acids and peptides

Our Stedygro® protein hydrolysates offer a highly processed and clarified product for all microbial culture media needs and assures accurate reactions and tests. Screening performed by FrieslandCampina Domo ensures a consistent performance time after time.

We offer a complete portfolio of hydrolysates for the cell nutrition market from different protein sources, including casein, whey, soy, wheat, cottonseed and pea.

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