For every child, it is essential to get the right nutrition at the right time. Every life stage requires specific nutrients to safeguard healthy growth and development.

Typically, within the infant milk formula category, the life stages are defined as follows: Infant formula (0-6 months), Follow-on formula (6-12 months), Young Child formula (from 1 year onwards). Not only nutritional recommendations regarding adequate intake are present, but also legislation is built on these specific life stages.

Premium base powders

To support our customers, DOMO has developed a series of base powders containing the essential nutrients for every life stage. This will give you the best start in developing your own differentiating recipes.

Our base powder offerings are all premium, based on Dutch quality dairy with a proven track record and readily available, which guarantees a short time to market.

DOMO® Essential base powder solutions

For the production of regular infant and follow-on formula we offer powders with:

  • High quality milk proteins
  • A blend of vegetable oils delivering a balanced ratio of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid
  • Carbohydrates: 100% lactose
  • Minerals and vitamins in the required levels
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Infants with special needs

Sometimes, infants need some extra care with respect to nutrition. For example, in the case of allergies, regurgitation, or premature birth. In these situations, special products can be prescribed by health care professionals. For the production of infant formula for infants with special needs we can supply base powders for the production of: hypo-allergenic formula and lactose free formula. When you are looking for a proposition for young child formula, we can provide you with a base powder specifically developed to serve this segment.

Final recipe

Ideally, these base powders make up approx. 90-95% of your final recipe, depending on the target group (infant, follow-on or young child formula) and can easily be combined with specific DOMO ingredients for optimal synergy.

Please take a look at our ingredient portfolio for more detailed information and trends to create your own unique proposition.

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Advantages of using DOMO Essential® base powder solutions

At DOMO, highest quality products are the core of our business. With over 75 years of experience, we are at the forefront of the infant milk formula industry. Our dedicated production facilities comply with the highest standards in the food industry, quality procedures are very strict and our laboratories are capable of performing all necessary analysis. That is how we guarantee all our products are suitable for the most vulnerable consumers. By using DOMO Essentials™ base powders in your recipes, you can rest assure that everything possible has been done to deliver you optimal quality.

DOMO Essential™ Innovations

The golden standard

For as long as we have been active in the infant milk formula business, nutritional science and the industry have researched the golden standard, the very best possible nutrition for the new-born: mothers milk. Continuous research has given us various new insights with regards to the nutritional benefits of mothers milk.

Lipids in infant formula

In the last decades, the focus of research on lipids in infant formula has merely been on long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs), which play an important role in brain and retina development4-6. Research has also ‘rediscovered’ the role of medium chain (saturated) fatty acids. Not only the fatty acid composition but also the position of fatty acids at the glycerol backbone seems of importance35. In that respect, the fatty acid composition and triglyceride structure of milk fat, in combination with vegetable oils, helps to deliver a lipid profile for infant formulas that is easier to digest35-40. Therefore, the latest innovative base powder in the DOMO Essentials® portfolio is based on a combination of vegetable oils and milk fat.