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Refit MCI – the new protein for Medical Nutrition

May 10, 2016

Appropriate nutrition is essential to everyone’s well-being. Balanced nutritional intake is important, especially during illness. An imbalance in nutritional intake may result in malnutrition1. Malnutrition prevalence in hospitalized patients is 20 to 50%2. Patients with malnutrition have an increased risk of morbidity, mortality, hospitalization, and re-hospitalization3. In many cases patients are unable to meet their nutritional requirements by eating regular foods. Instead, they use medical nutrition drinks enriched with proteins and other nutrients (sip feeds).

Protein contributes to maintenance and growth of the muscle mass. During illness the breakdown of proteins is increased while its synthesis is decreased4. Providing protein-rich nutrition has been linked to positive effect on clinical outcomes, such as reduced complications and reduced hospital readmissions5. Milk proteins meet or surpass the amino acid profile for high-quality protein and are therefore an excellent protein source for medical nutrition6.

Refit MCI is a milk protein that shows an excellent nutritional and functional profile for medical nutrition7. The low viscosity benefit of the product enables development of products with improved drinkability and formulation of smaller servings while still offering a high amount of protein. In combination with the neutral taste it supports development of easy-to-consume medical nutrition drinks.


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